April 2012

Koinonia is the New Testament word for Intimate Partnership

April 24, 2012

Learning from the Apostle Paul’s words to Philemon about Onesimus   One might not think that there would be much to glean from a short letter written by Paul to his fellow Christian friend Philemon concerning a guy who had helped Paul but was now returning to become once again Philemon’s indentured slave.  Is there […]

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April 14, 2012

“Living my life before them as Jesus did” by Alexandra   Mateo and I have discussed over tea and during our prayer times recently what it means to have an “incarnational ministry” to the people we serve here in Honduras.  In looking at John1:14 it says, “The Word became a person and came to live […]

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Entre el Dicho y el Hecho hay mucho Trecho

April 12, 2012

As the Spanish saying goes, “Between what you say and what you do is wide space”  This comment came up today as I was talking to a Honduran church leader about how we together can help the church grow so that when those with problems come to us for answers, we won’t turn them away […]

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The Striving for Meaning and Purpose

April 10, 2012

Jesus points out to us that those who would strive for greatness, and along with it meaning and purpose, should look for ways that they can serve others by helping them become all that God would have them become.  Jesus points out that the Kingdom is really compared with becoming a child again in our […]

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