Passion as in the Three Little Peas

by SOR Mission on July 18, 2012

The Three Little Peas

Throughout the world we see that we are created to reproduce ourselves. We see this in nature with all God’s creation, everywhere life is reproducing itself!   In missions, it’s the same way, we’re called to reproduce ourselves into the leadership of the church by our teaching leaders and by living out our Christian life in a transparent way to show them how we do it.  In order to have a strong impact we accomplish this by knowing the people, the language and its culture.  In so doing the leadership watches us carry out the PEACE plan and they in turn teach the church and it little by little matures and thus reveals to their own culture the reality of who Jesus is.  This is what we are doing as missionaries, to teach the leadership to know the Bible and how to apply it to their lives, church and ministry.  It is simply something that I love doing and the results are beginning to show!

To reference this we might look at 2 Timothy 2:2 where Paul says that, “You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.”  When this isn’t lived out in the church we begin to see the PEAS.

Well what are the 3 PEAS that I mention above that influence the Pea Process?  Let’s begin with the first P as I see it as Passion.  I was taught by one of my mentors early in my ministry that to grow the work that God has called us to, we must set ourselves on fire so that others will come from miles around to watch us burn. When one meets Jesus for the first time your life is filled with passion realizing just what he has done for you.  There are others who might not jump up and down like me, but deep inside they realize that God has done something amazing in their lives.  This passion for the Kingdom of God stirs hearts and opens doors so that others will come into the Kingdom of Peace and Joy that we have with Jesus.  They readily share their faith!

Without the passion being passed on to the next generation of believers as 2 Tim 2:2 teaches, the next generation of believers becomes Polite.   I hate to say it but there are so many polite Christians that I meet that I practically have to force them to tell me they are born again Christians.  They don’t want to offend anyone with the gospel they believe but there isn’t the passion that motivates them to give their all for the kingdom.  They want to be politely correct spiritually speaking.  Never wanting to offend but also not willing to make a bold statement of their faith to their non Christian friends and family.

This polite generation of believers passes on to the next generation of believers that it’s ok to be Passive in their faith.  This generation of “believers” is very passive when it comes to Biblical inspiration, believing many times that the Bible only “contains” truth but it isn’t inspired in its entirety.  This generation of believers might think for example that it’s not wrong to co-habitat if you are both in agreement.  They believe that obeying the secular laws of the nation is in reality obeying the Bible and what is teaches but they fail to realize that secular government is not prepared to pass Christian laws based on the Scripture.  The mind set of this generation is that they might be many ways to find God and Christianity is just one of them.  After all, who am I to judge as right or wrong what someone else believes?  Christianity is lost in a homogeneous mixture of goodness where every belief is the same and it doesn’t really matter nor is it important that Jesus said that he was the only way to the Father.  (John 14:6)


In conclusion, the passing on of our faith is so important as the Apostle Paul wrote to his disciple Timothy as cited above.  Without the successful discipleship of the next generation of believers the gospel disappears as it is occuring in Europe today.  We must continue to pass on the faith to the next generation or it will be lost in an atmosphere of passivity.  Let’s all do what God has called us to.


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