by SOR Mission on October 4, 2012

It’s so good to be back to our work in Honduras!
Fall is in the air and what does it speak of?   When I see the trees turning colours like they’ve been doing lately  I’m reminded of the cycles of life that tells us that  someday there’s a winter coming for all of each of us.  This speaks to me
about the needs of those we serve and
also the urgency of helping those who
need help.  The time to harvest is now in Honduras because so many people are reaching
out for answers as this country is being  ravaged by violence and high unemployment.  There are so many
people living in despair and without hope.  Alexandra and I have been called, along with you, to be God’s agents of change
and reconciliation to bring  hope and encouragement to these people. What
a joy it is to give a basket of food to a hurting family, praying for the sick,
giving help to a young mother, listening
to someone’s heart cry for help!.  This
is what causes passion to flow out of us.  We love what we do for the Kingdom!

Why is church growth important to us as missionaries?  I have been involved  in working with the church here in the area of church growth.  Why is this important?  When a church has people standing outside to hear the message and then go home because they can’t get inside, it stirs my heart to enable more people to hear the message of hope that’s being presented.  We have embarked on an aggressive program of helping three of the churches we work with to grow through increased seating capacity.  Read below where we’re at on the first project.

We’re back and thanks for your interest and support of this ministry.

Our time in the States was amazing and we thank God for the opportunity that He gave us to share about our ministry with so many of you: our dear friends, family and church.   We are so glad to be back in Honduras, but we also realize how blessed we are to have such wonderful generous, caring and supportive  friends & family as you to help us in this mutual endeavor.  Your hospitality was awesome and we even gained a few pounds enjoying all the meals & desserts  that many of you prepared for our time together.  Wow, your gifts, encouragement and love make Alexandra and I feel so blessed it stirs in us the earnest desire to give 200% to the work here knowing you’re behind us with your prayers, love and financial gifts.

We are now back in Honduras, once again involved in the ministries of visiting the Maternity Ward at the Intercity Hospital, the discipleship of the men & pastors, Tiny Houses Detention Center for girls, the two Feeding Centers where we work with the church and the children as well as our church Manos a la Obra. We rejoice to be involved in this work in helping Hondurans to help others in seeking Jesus who enables them to find meaning and purpose for their lives.  Please pray that God will give us the wisdom and favour to continue working to grow His kingdom in Honduras!!

Our church and feeding center  remodel is 56% funded.  One of our ministry friends is offering to match $1 for $1 up to $4000 for this great project.  At this point we are needing an additional $1750 to raise to meet the full matching amount promised.  Want to help? . Click on the Donate now button to make your online secure donation.

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