A new year ahead of us to plant seeds of righteousness, hope and mercy

by SOR Mission on January 20, 2013

Welcome to Seeds of Righteousness Mission’s site!  Here you will find plenty of information about what we are doing in Honduras and the people Joseph & Mary at Christmaswe have helped.  You can go to the various pages to read our latest articles.  Such as today where  you can go to Mercy to read about Maria and her miracle blanket. 

The year has begun and who can believe that over half of the first month is behind us and as of today we have 345 days to fulfill what God has us to accomplish this year.  Might it be the year of his return?  Might it be a year of spiritual breakthrough for you?  Might it be a year that you venture out further into God’s world of faith such as Abraham did several millennium ago.  A world where God honours faith and encourages us to continue on when we fail even picking us up so our faith will grow even more.  Join us this year frequently on our site here as we live this  world of God’s adventures.  Thanks for being a part of this ministry.  Its going to be an exciting and fun ride.

Joyfully in Service to Others,


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