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by SOR Mission on May 6, 2012



Every time that I visit the Intercity Teaching Hospital I always find medical students in all the hallways and I ask myself, “Where are the doctors with experience?”  All of these students are so young and are still in the middle of their preliminary medical studies.  No one that I’ve seen appears to have sufficient experience to assist a birth whether it is normal or cesarean.  I do hope that each one has a doctor instructing and teaching them the correct procedures. Also when I enter any of the rooms in the maternity ward, I ask myself, “Where are the nurses to assist these women who have just recently had a normal birth or a cesarean procedure?”

So often the maternity rooms are without visitors just having those who recently gave birth: no families celebrating, no balloons, flowers, or festive baskets full of small gifts to celebrate this special time. The only sounds that I hear are the groans and tears due to the intense pain that these women are feeling.  I ask them, “Why don’t we call a nurse to give you another injection or something to alleviate this intense pain you are still feeling?”  These women answer me by saying, “If we call someone, they won’t come anyway because they’ve already given us our medication for the pain…2 acetaminophen tablets!”   Can you imagine?


Can you relate to these women?  What if we had to be in their place?  This is almost impossible for me to imagine happening in a developed nation like the United States, England or Canada.  In our countries, we have great health care, we’re well looked after and also we see families and friends celebrating this joyous occasion.  We even concern ourselves with every minute detail possible for our babies.  In reality we are so blessed!!!

Why do I visit this hospital?  Am I there for a Divine purpose?    This past Friday when I entered the second maternity room there was a mother, in one of the beds a good distance from the door, lying on her back and biting her pillow because of the terrible pain she had.  I went over and asked her if I could help her in some way.  The doctor had recommended that she should get up and walk but she wasn’t able due to the intense pain (level 10) she was in.  I gave her a hug and said to her that if she wished I would pray for her.  With tears in her eyes, she accepted.  We prayed and immediately afterwards she stood up and with a huge smile on her face, she began to walk around the room.  The other 5 women in the room were astonished by the power of God that was activated by a prayer of faith for her healing.


In one of the other maternity rooms, there were only two mothers, one was smiling at me and the other was in a fetal position still in her surgical gown.  I realized that this young woman’s case was worse than the one I had encountered in the other room.  This mother didn’t open her eyes when I asked her a few simple questions.  What I did see however were the tears streaming down her cheeks.  I could tell that her pain level was approaching 10 and she needed help.  I left her side running to find a nurse to attend her and once I did, she came back with me and reviewed her patient.  She said to me, “I’m sorry but she’s received her two tablets of acetaminophen and I’m not able to give her more.”  She turned on her heels and left the room leaving behind a young woman in intense pain.   In seeing this young mother in such pain what could I do?  I came close to her and without asking I simply offered a prayer up to heaven.  Within seconds she stopped crying and then instantly fell into a deep sleep with peace and tranquility on her face.  This is the reason why I’m there doing what I do to bring honor and glory to the Father. He had used me to bring peace and love to two of his children.  The power of God was seen in action and I know that those who saw what went on the other day in these two rooms will never forget God’s unfailing love!


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