Can You Imagine

by SOR Mission on October 16, 2013

Female blank imageToday we met with a young prostitute named “Carmen” who was presented to us by a women who thought we’d be able to offer some counsel to this young women. This picture expresses what we saw in her.  A faceless young women without someone to help and care for her.  A place to go  to receive help.  Would Carmen be welcomed into our church?

Barely 23 with two young children and one just aborted due to lack of finance, she lives in a boarding house where she pays $100/ month rent but she’s now  two months behind.  She was so depressed that she didn’t even want to eat even though she said she hadn’t eaten since yesterday.  Her kids are sick and she was recently diagnosed with a STD due to her lifestyle.  She was teetering on the brink of just giving up and jumping off a local bridge.  This is what confronts us daily in our ministry.  What would you have offered?  It would be so easy to just look the other way and keep on driving to our heath club or class on making desserts.  What did I do today for her?

I was asked once if meeting with people like this might kind of “spoil” our reputation as missionaries.  I reminded them of the story told in Luke 7:36-50 about Jesus and a prostitute that came to him for similar help.  You can read the passage by clicking here. 


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