Chairs provide church growth

by SOR Mission on May 21, 2013

Chairs at Center 1This evening we were able to deliver the first dozen chairs to the church where we are involved at with teaching and discipleship of the believers.  Tonight Pastor Marco and I team taught on God’s order for the family and the church.  Pastor Marco talked from Genesis 2 on God’s order displayed in the lives of Adam and Eve.  I concluded with a passage from Ephesians 5 talking about order in the church and the position of Pastor in the church and how God respects order and works through order to achieve his ends.

Back to the chairs!  I have been challenging the congregation about giving a first fruit offering for a chair for the church so that as we grow the people who attend who are new will have a place to sit.  Sometimes church growth can be so simple.  Merely a few chairs and wow, watch the people come in.  Our attendance has been growing  and we’re excited that God is adding to the church each week.  Our church brothers and sisters have been believing for God’s help Mateo Teaching Discipleship Class at Barrio Churchand  as of tonight I will need to deliver 8 more chairs next week to cover the “first fruit offering” money that has been given to buy chairs for the church.  Their offering covers a fraction of the cost but we see it as an act of faith for the believers.  If you should want to help us with this purchase you can donate and let me know how many chairs you would like to help sponsor for this group of believers who live in a very poor and humble part of the mountain burbs.

It’s exciting to see people excited about seeing God provide a metal folding chair for the congregation.  In such things God is well pleased.

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