by Terry on November 21, 2018

Let’s Make Thanksgiving a time of giving and thankfulness

Thanksgiving in the USA is a time for many to enjoy family and time together around a table filled with many versions of a Thanksgiving Dinner.  The first  feast that took place in Plymouth in August of 1621 was attended by  about  53 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans of the Wampanoag Nation and Squanto its most famous member.    They had a time of common prayer and  a meal together of thanksgiving for Squanto and his fellow warriors in  helping them to establish themselves on the North American continent.

Through the course of time in 1863  President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving andThe First Thanksgiving Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.” to be celebrated on Thursday November 26th of that year. President Roosevelt stuck with the second-to-last Thursday schedule as well that some states stuck with the last Thursday of the month schedule.  In other words there were many dates that were being celebrated in the USA.  Finally on Dec. 26, 1941, Congress passed a law making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday of November

Since that time its evolved recently  into a long 2 day holiday for many people that begins what US Americans call the “Holiday Season”.  For many, the day after Thanksgiving now called “Black Friday”  has turned in to a buying frenzy for those looking for bargains on the first “official” day of the holiday season.

We take this time at Seeds of Righteousness Mission to thank our Creator God for the many blessings he’s bestowed on us this past year.  We further remember to pray for those we minister to in Central America who would never be able to celebrate a day such as this because of their poverty.

People such as this haven’t been invited as such to the fiesta of what we call Thanksgiving, however this year you can help SOR Mission by purchasing one or several Christmas baskets for the needy of Honduras .  Each basket costs us about $40 and you can purchase one or more by going to donate now and then scrolling down to Click for St. Nick.

Blessing to you on this American day of Thanksgiving!


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