Isaish speaks out in such a time as ours

by SOR Mission on September 11, 2011

The prophet Isaiah in chapter 33 and verse 17 speaking to those around him stated that the fruit of righteousness will be peace and the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.

Just yesterday I talked with a man who was so troubled over several situations in his life. I stated to him that if he would do the right things in his situation peace would be the outcome and from doing the morally right thing he could have, if he followed this choice, a sense of quiet assurance and confidence from knowing that he did the right thing.

We at Seeds of Righteousness Mission follow Isaiah 33:17 in that we attempt at every opportunity to do the right thing that God would have us do. This includes helping the needy and poor both in the United States and in the poorer nations of the Western Hemisphere. In addition we teach the younger men and women to be imitators of Jesus Christ so that what he would do if he were physically walking on the earth today, we will do also. Only by Following Jesus do we find this deep sense of purpose and direction. The truth that he taught and exhibited while on earth, we’re called to follow today. Comments on today’s post? Mateo

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