It’s Christmas in Central America

by Terry on November 10, 2017

Christmas in Central America is around the corner seeing we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like you do in the United States and Canada. It’s a favorite time of year for me because I highly value the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to this world so that everyone who believes in Him can have eternal life plus they can have a life here full of value and purpose.

It’s  also a favorite time of year  because I can thank God for all the blessings received in my life throughout the year and I also can thank him for the opportunity that He’s given me to bless  those that he’s put in my path this past year.  I pray these mothers and children will come to know Him better and that they’ll have a closer walk with Jesus in 2018.

That’s why Christmas is a time to celebrate as we share gifts with those we love as well coming together to share family time and a common meal with those we love.  The gifts we give are an example of the great gift that God gave us by sending his son Jesus.

I invite you to click above on SOR Mission at work/justice to read the entire article about our Central American Christmas party.

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