Learning to Drive all over again!

by SOR Mission on February 10, 2014

The Craziness of Driving in Honduras (2-10-14)

The Open RoadRecently while driving in Tegucigalpa, Honduras I found myself laughing and actually enjoying the craziness of the drive after visiting several families with Click for St. Nick baskets.  Initially in coming to Honduras I thought that they were absolutely crazy with their manner of driving but after living there for some time I realized that they were actually very good drivers.  They have to be in order to avoid all the near misses one has when you drive in the capital and all the cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles with defective equipment.

Recently this drive included in a two block downhill section: (After dark)Pictures from Tegus 019

1.  A man in dark clothing walking drunk in my lane of traffic

2.  A young mother & child risking their lives by darting in front of me hoping that I will stop.

3.  Three young teenagers passing me on their bicycles with no lights and warning

4.  Two skateboarders also passing me on the right on their boards with no lights of course

Pictures from Tegus 0165.  Business stalls taking up 4’ of one of the lanes causing cars in that lane to want to use mine.

6.  At every opportunity cars wanting to pull in front and testing me with the battle of the will

7.  Having polarized window glass so as to enhance my safety but decreasing my visibility

After all of this I was able to smile and rejoice that I had made it through the Valley of the Shadow of Death in returning to my room after a busy day in ministry in Tegucigalpa.

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