Mother and Child

by Terry on March 27, 2015

Mother and childShe called me the day before yesterday in the early evening very nervous and stressed out asking for my help. She asked if I could take her and her daughter to the emergency ward at the hospital. She said to me “I don’t know what to do…my daughter doesn’t stop crying & I don’t have any money to pay for a taxi or a bus to get us there. Please help me.” I stopped what I was doing and I brought them to the hospital where I prayed for them before leaving late that night for home. The next morning early I picked them up and brought them back to their little house.
The mother didn’t stop thanking me for helping them through their problem. She shared that she was very thankful to the LORD as she knew that He was always present to help in times of need such as this by sending me to help her. It’s not important whether we’re rich or poor, God’s hands, our hands, are there to help others in their hour of need.
As a result of our prayer God healed her little daughter and as a way of thanking God she shared that, even though her attendance had been somewhat intermittent this past year, she saw God’s hand in this and wanted to seek more of God by regularly attending church once again.
My contact with her came through a weekly Biblestudy that we had at her house this past year.  As the Scriptures say, “The LORD’s angel camps around the LORD’s loyal followers and delivers them.Psalms 34:7

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