Once I wished upon a star. How I wonder where you are

by Terry on December 11, 2017

Christmas 2017 Wish List(click here)

Many of us have heard that song sung or have thought of this phrase from time to time.  You can click here to hear a 1940’s rendition of this well know melody.  Maybe as a child you  have wished upon a star for something that you wanted or needed.  Many of us did.

Today we at SOR Mission we are wishing upon a star and that star is you!  Your generosity in donating will make you a star in the eyes of God who has repeatedly said that giving to the poor pleases him and as such he would keep poverty from your door.  You can donate on line here or by going to Contact Us on the selection bar above to obtain other ways to donate to the Mission.

The needs of those we serve are many and we as a mission to the poor and needy ask you to open your hearts and click with your credit card to help us help others.  Go above to Today to read our Wish List for Christmas 2017 or click here.


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