Our Click for St. Nick campaign is approaching

by Terry on October 31, 2018

Last December  Click for St. Nick was able to distribute 125 baskets of Christmas joy and hope to those needing a hand up at this  time of the year. We were able to help over 500 people, including adults and children with a basket of food, some kitchen utensils along with a New Testament of the Bible.

Each plastic tub included enough food for about 2 weeks for a family of four.  Each basket cost us, buying wholesale, about $40/basket.

Please consider helping us this year as we now start  in earnest our campaign of Click for St. Nick to help those needing a hand up in life.

We at SOR Mission make a special attempt to help those who are widows, single moms who are struggling, people fighting sickness or family disaster from a death of the wage earner or sickness or unemployment.  Your help goes a long ways in helping these needy families.

Above you can click on the Donate now and scroll down to Click for St. Nick where you can help us to bless families.  Each $40 you donate buys one basket.  $400 would purchase 10 baskets helping approximately 10 families of 4 members each.

Thanks for helping


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