The PEACE PLAN used by Seeds of Righteousness Mission (revised 08-10-2020)


THE PEACE PLAN:  This plan is based on our strong belief that we are in the Central American nations of Costa Rica and Honduras as missionaries to help the national churches along with its members to work towards self-sufficiency in support and outreach. Along with helping church leadership the poor and needy really receive a hand up with the help that we share.   So many need the assistance of someone coming alongside to help. In addition they need examples of what it means to live a sacrificial life in helping the poor and needy through the PEACE Plan.

Our philosophy is to always look for ways to work ourselves out of a job.  We at Seeds of Righteousness Mission see theFive 5 lane highway PEACE plan as a 5 lane freeway heading towards the liberation of Central America from the grip of hopelessness, poverty and despair. 

We are always looking for fellow disciples to come alongside of us to help in some of these areas through their local promotion of what we do, recruitment of people who can pray for God’s help for those who suffer so much from poverty in Costa Rica and Honduras.

We have followed this plan with our work that began in Honduras and now has expanded to  Costa Rica..  Each country molds and develops the PEACE PLAN to fit their unique culture. 

PROMOTE RECONCILIATION and CHURCH GROWTH: We continue to work with  pastors we have worked with since 2011 in addition to those we are looking to add both in Costa Rica & Honduras. Our time together with these pastors includes being their friend and brother,  visiting their services, exemplifying a life that’s reconciled to God, holding them accountable in the areas that they want  help in such as counseling, family, prayer, sermon preparation and materials and systematic study of the Bible, etc.


EQUIPPING SERVANT LEADERS:  It seems that we all need to exemplify the meaning of servant leadership as taught us by Jesus. We never started this ministry to be served but rather to serve those we are working with.  We use servant leadership as our model. Matthew 20:20-28.  There is a strong movement in Latin America to emphasize the positions of Prophet and Apostle.  Our sense is that pride can so easily get in the way that the example of Christ as Servant leader gets confused with the position of power in the church as an apostle or a prophet.

      I have learned in my ministry that passion of vision and ministry is not taught but rather caught.  Spending quality time with church leadership in the work has enabled them to catch the vision that the Holy Spirit is empowering us to share with them.  This has taken additional time but as we now begin to focus on  further fields of work, what we have sown will continue to grow and bear fruit  


     ASSIST THE POOR: This focus has been an ongoing activity of SOR Mission since its inception in 1984. We have been involved with the poor of Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We continue to work in this essential area with those needing assistance through our Justice, Mercy & Construction programs.  Through Seeds of Righteousness Mission we also give assistance through our Click for St. Nick program in the fall and winter months to those in physical need.  Isaiah 61:1-3 and Psalms 82:3-4. give the reason and motivation as to why we work with the poor.  In Central America the poor do not have adequate access to credit nor government services due to limited government finances available.  Their needs often go unmet and many suffer from curable diseases as well as hunger.  Our focus is working with these special people. Our program runs similar to other programs such as Fuller Center for Housing or Habitat for Humanity. In 2013 we committed to help one family in this program.  In 2015, to give you an idea, we were able to build two more additional homes with needy families  helping them with 0% loans so as to make possible a home that would have been otherwise impossible to have.  Since that time we have gone on building and helping as God provided the resources and to date have worked on over 20 houses and churches combined where we have impacted over 70 people with affordable and low cost housing with a 0% loan and over 5 churches with expanded and improved building to reach out to the community.

CARING FOR THE SICK: SOR Mission has been giving and sharing mercy with the sick and those needing medical attention in Honduras, Costa Rica and now some visits are being made in Whatcom County, WA.   A large part of this ministry of caring for the sick has been through visiting the various hospitals in these countries.   Many people have been helped in this way. The following verses from the Gospel of Matthew tells us about our responsibility and this explains why the SOR Mission team has left family and lands to serve others.     Matthew 25:34-40

EDUCATING AND WORKING WITH THE CHILDREN:        This area is so important for the future growth of the church and its families.  We have worked with youth and children actively in Costa Rica and Honduras.   We continue to help them stay in school and those we are presently working with will continue to be helped.  We help them to better their educational skills for employment and literacy as well as being examples of the servant leader that Jesus was.