Planting New Seeds with SOR Mission

by SOR Mission on December 25, 2012


Alexandra and I are so thankful this year that we’ve been allowed to serve God in the capacity as cross cultural missionaries in the Central American country of Honduras where we have been planting seeds of righteousness as we travel from one location to the other.  Join us today as we humbly pray to Almighty God thanking him for the many blessings we have enjoyed this past year:  health, family, food, lodging, purpose and meaning for this sojourn on the earth called life.  We thank God for those who have gone on before us into Eternity who’ve given us godly examples as to how to live our lives.  We are thankful to those who have sacrificed their lives for us and  their country so that we can live in a nation where we can pursue God the way the Bible calls us to do. Much in the same way as the early Pilgrims who crossed the Atlantic to pursue religious freedom in a new land.   Because of these freedoms we have we have been planting seeds of righteousness, hope and love in the lives and families of Hondurans.

Our site now gives you the option of reading the page(s) that interest you about our work in Honduras, rather than viewing  it as a blog.  Below our introduction picture there is the bar which includes a number of page listings that you can click on and read in more depth about what we are doing in Honduras.  For example if you are interested in the PEACE plan you can click there to see what we are doing in these 5 areas.  If you want to follow our work with JUSTICE  and the hospital ministry click on Justice to read about the young mothers and how Alex is doing what is just.  If Mercy interests you, then click on Mercy to find out what we are doing to help various families, mothers, children to escape the vicious cycle of abuse, hunger and violence.  During this Christmas Season we will be  involved in visiting a number of intercity poor families to pray and drop off Christmas baskets through our Click for St. Nick Program of helping families in desperate need.

Read along as you see us planting Seeds of Righteousness  in the lives of people living in our beloved Honduras.

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