Seeing the Needs of Others through simplicity

by Terry on November 11, 2018

In the west we often time confuse our “normal” lifestyles with those of other countries where access to capital and credit is somewhat to severely limited.  In these countries they live a very difficult, but howbeit a simple life revolving around having enough capital to fulfill the needs of the family.  We see this all the time in Honduras where nearly 50% are unemployed and living in or near poverty.  What can I do we ask?  I can’t fix their problems or solve the issues that led them or keep them in poverty or can I?

We in the west we need to rediscover the freedom that comes from simplicity.  Denying materialism a place in our lives and homes where we easily justify it because we work so hard and of course  we always need more and better things.  Don’t we?

In helping those challenged by poverty we can rediscover the joy that comes by voluntarily living on less so that others can merely have an access to the bare minimum of this world’s capital so that they can access medical care and food at the same time if needed,

Your help is needed now with our Click for St. Nick Christmas campaign in giving out baskets of food to those in great need, be it widows, those sick, single moms, elderly with no income, etc; those trying to make it in this world but not being able to to because of the injustice we see operating in our world.

Please help us no matter where you live and what lifestyle you might live; however  we do need your help now with the purchase of these baskets.  Go to Donate now and scroll down to Click for St. Nick and there you can purchase as many $40 baskets that you can afford at this time.

Thanks because in love so little can do so much for another family like your own.




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