So what is Truth

by Terry on July 13, 2015

TruthIn Latin America one hears the expression que mentira very often which means in English that’s a lie”  We as a mission are called to bring truth to the people we serve in Central America.  Do people today really want truth and not lies?  Continue reading to find the answer!  We have another expression in Spanish that says, ” la Broma en broma, la verdad se asoma  which means that “from a joke appears truth”.  These phrases are interesting expressions about truth that make us curious about the relationship between truth and lies.

At Seeds we are called to share truth in word and action with those we meet everyday. As one man said many years ago to a manTruth & Actions accused of treason, what is truth?” When he couldn’t find a trace of lies in this man he wanted him released.  You know the rest of the story about Jesus.

Our mission is to share the words of Jesus that said, “And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!” John 8:32 and also he said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one  can make it to the Father (God) without going through me!” John 14:6

When we come right down to it many people do not really want to hear the truth. The truth often times can be very unpleasant and painful and many people are will to live with lies that to live in truth.

Our actions of love, sharing, giving of our time and all that includes do speak louder than the words that we bring to the people we serve.  We trust that they will remember us for what we did and will see Jesus behind our actions because its hard to lie with actions.  Either you did it or not as its quite measurable.  Let’s love in truth and deed.

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