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by SOR Mission on October 20, 2012

But the greatest of these is Love – by Alexandra


People here in Honduras have a great respect for missionaries.  It’s an honor for them to have the “missionaries” visiting their home.  Mateo and I were recently invited to Judy’s birthday party by her mother.  We had met Elvita at feeding center No.1, where she works as a cook.  Elvita makes so little at the feeding center that as a single mother she struggles to support her daughter and son. Hope for her comes at a high price!

People in Honduras also love celebrations.  It’s easy to find an excuse to celebrate and get together. Families are very close and everybody loves to help and contribute with something to the party.  We even were surprised by a group of young girls from church who dressed up as  clowns to make the fiesta even more lively.

When we arrived to Elvita’s house everybody left whatever they were doing and came to the door to greet us. The house was full of relatives, friends and neighbors. The house was also very nicely decorated and Judy was wearing a very pretty dress made by her aunt for that special occasion.

Mateo and I were treated like we were a king and a queen.  Because of the specialness of having foreigners in their home they put us at the front of the line for everything. Mateo also had the honor to pray for and to bless the birthday girl on this special occasion.



There were some people there that we didn’t know so we decided to go and say hello to everybody, one at a time, showing our love and friendship to everybody. What a difference!! All of a sudden everybody was laughing and sharing stories with us. It’s amazing to see what love can do in people’s lives. Love is everything. We can share it with everybody and it doesn’t cost us a cent to share it.   Paul mentions faith, hope and love in I Corinthians 13, but concludes by saying that the greatest of these is love.

I also had the opportunity to witness and encourage Veronica and Silvia.  Veronica is a single mother with two small children who  doesn’t have a personal  relationship with God.  She doesn’t have a job and is struggling to make ends meet to support her children. You might say this woman is without hope and is need of seeds of righteousness being planted in her life.  Silvia is a Christian but is struggling to find support to finish her studies at a local beauty school.  I am very thankful that God has put in my life  many wonderful opportunities to share about His love and the hope we can have in Jesus Christ.  Sowing seeds of righteousness brings me great joy.   I love bringing others closer to Him.

Mateo and I love the Honduran people.  They don’t have much but they give you everything! They gave and received the most important gift of all, LOVE.

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