The 9:02 is Headed to the Coast

by SOR Mission on October 11, 2012

The 9:02 to the Coast


Tonight as I was looking out the window at the night sky I heard overhead the 9:02 heading, I assumed, to the coast with its load of cargo and passengers.  Who was on board and what were their expectations?  Hearing that twin engine prop plane fly overhead each evening makes one think of the tropics  and the lure of taking a night flight to this exotic island to enjoy a few days in the tropical sun.

For me as a missionary, I find myself thinking of other things.  Yes, on another night I might have been on that plane seeking a location where I could establish a beachhead for the gospel and a chance to share seeds of righteousness with yet another friend whom I hadn’t yet met.

To fly to the coast in night skies darkened by the suns absence the pilot will need to use his controls to fly to the airport on the island of Roaton off the Caribbean coast of Honduras.   His cargo and passengers will embark and those exiting the craft will be looking for the allure of the island.

What one doesn’t realize is that there have been precious seeds that have been planted there in the past and these seeds of righteousness for Honduras are there to greet these visitors.  What are seed of righteousness?  Why do I need such seeds planted in my life?  Why should I be planting these seeds in the lives of others?

The prophet Hosea in Hosea 10:12 says:

“I said, ‘Plant the good seeds of righteousness,
and you will harvest a crop of love.
Plow up the hard ground of your hearts,
for now is the time to seek the Lord,
that he may come
and shower righteousness upon you.”

He’s telling us to plant seeds of righteousness, that is simply doing what is right and just.   In so doing we will harvest a crop of love from our planting of these seeds.  However, our hearts, as represented by the ground, have not been challenged to go out and do some sowing of seeds.  We haven’t cultivated the soil of our heart for a time and as a result we’ve forgotten our principle mission as a Christian — to simply plant those seeds of righteousness into the hearts and minds of those we come across in our everyday lives.  In so doing God promises us that he will shower a downpour of righteousness upon you.  What a blessed expectation! 

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In Joyful sacrifice for the Kingdom,


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