The Burning Bush & the Name of God

by SOR Mission on March 2, 2014

Set yourself on firs with God's PassionI read today the story of Moses meeting God  in the desert of Sinai.  Moses was attracted by a bush that was on fire but wasn’t being consumed by the flames. Haven’t we at times just stared into the flames deep in thought.  Well no doubt Moses was deep in thought as well.  Flames attract us no doubt.

I sat around one evening watching these flames and thinking about life and having a good conversation  with my friends.  I didn’t want the flames to die down!

Moses was confronted with  something very interesting. A bush not being  consumed. God told Moses his name that day and God said his name was I AM WHO I AM – (YO SOY LO QUE SOY)(EU SOU QUEM EU SOU) Exodus 3:14. 

God is the ever present living in the now not in the past nor in the future.  His feet are firmly planted in the now.  His reply to Moses I am who I am speaks of the present.  The same passage is quoted by Jesus in John 8: 23-24 and 8:58 as saying that He is the I AM.  John 8. We are then to live our lives in the now, the today knowing that this is what we have to use to glorify God.  Read more about our various ministries on our above pages.  We attempt to live in the now, the today.  Join us please!



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