The Good Samaritian on the Overpass

by SOR Mission on July 25, 2013

The Good Samaritan on the Overpass

Yesterday, Maria Elena and I were at the Intercity Hospital and had one of our ministry days visiting the women in the maternity ward. Each week we distribute blankets, onies, diapers and other women’s products to the women we visit.

Hospital Escuela 002After finishing our ministry there at the maternity ward and as we were leaving the building we noticed a lady sitting on the steps who was hysterically crying. We stopped and asked her what was wrong in order to give her some support.

She told us that the doctor had just finished telling her that her baby boy had had respiratory arrest and was in the hospital in very critical condition. Right there on the steps we prayed for her and asked God to give her the strength and peace that she needed at that moment.

After talking a few more minutes with her we left the hospital building and crossing the street on the overpass we saw up ahead another lady gripping the railing of the overpass and sobbing uncontrollably. I was honestly kind of thinking about what a strange kind of day it had become.

As we approached her we noticed many people coming from the opposite direction looking at her strangely but not stopping to render aid. Hospital Esuela from OverpassOthers were actually looking the opposite direction as to not make any possible eye contact with her. As we approached I was torn between stopping or just walking by because I was so tired from our day’s ministry at the hospital. The story that Jesus told of the  Good Samaritan(Click here) also entered my mind and then knowing what Jesus would have done we stopped and asked her if we could pray for her.

As we stopped to talk and upon asking her how we could pray for her she told us that her mother had been admitted to the ICU and was very sick. She told us that she was so afraid that she was going to die. Then she shared with us that her father had just passed away just two months prior and she was so afraid of being left alone in this world.

There in front of the people passing by on the overpass we prayed for her and her mother for God’s touch. We prayed that God would give her that peace that she now needed so desperately. I stand amazed at times seeing how God can use just ordinary people like us to fulfill his purposes for his beloved creation here on the earth.

From all of this we see so much plainer how He wants us to comfort others with the same comfort that he gives us in our hour of need and pain. God is so amazing!






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