The Poor we’ll always have with us…

by SOR Mission on May 25, 2013

Joseph & Mary at ChristmasIn working with those who are considered by statistics to be the “poor” I have spent time thinking about this class of people as to just who they are and how  they think.  I find emerging in me a deep respect in their manner of life and through my time spent with them I see character traits in them that I find superior to some of ours,  those of us who are considered rich by the same statistics.

“The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.”  Jesus Christ quoted in about the year 32. Taken from Matthew’s Gospel 26:11

In reading the words of Jesus one can rationalize in thinking since Jesus said we’ll always have the poor around us, there is  nothing more that’s required of us in taking care of  them or looking after these people.  In reading the entire Bible including both the new and old testaments one comes away with a different view of this special class of people who consider themselves the poor.  All through the Gospel there is mention about them.

Give justice to the poor and the orphan;
    uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.
 Rescue the poor and helpless;
    deliver them from the grasp of evil people. Psalm 82:3-4

I have found some interesting insights in working with those who would be considered “the poor” in the northern FC#2 Build, Iris, y mas 173hemisphere.  Some of these insights from today after hanging out with a few friends  are:

  1. These people really do help one another in times of need.  They don’t just talk about helping others but they do it knowing that one day it might be them needing to be the recipient of this help.  This explains why at times I get confused with some of the gifts we give.  When I give a gift of something so needed to someone, I find them sharing what little they have with those who also have need. Why would someone give away something they themselves need so much?
  2. I have found that there are few complaints from those who have so little.   Interestingly enough, those who have more than they need are the ones so quick to complain about their loss.  Those with scarcely anything continue on with their struggle towards their recovery.  This is a bi g difference between these two classes of people.  What a joy to be around them even though they have so little.
  3. Many of my friends, who are included in this class of people, say that they feel a sense of sorrow for those who are rich such as the majority of North Americans and Europeans.  They see them very closed and out of touch emotionally to those with need. This way, they surmise, they won’t feel compelled to share of their abundance with those who have nothing but a tin roof, a few clothes and maybe breakfast for the morning but nothing much more. 

Miguel's B&W Picture

What conclusions can we draw from these comments?  Why is it that some have so much and each year accumulate more and others have less and less each year because of no fault of their own.  Are there simple answers or should we look at this with a greater sense of urgency in how we who have can be of help to those in need?  How can we help our fellow brothers and sisters in obtaining a  day’s wage so as to buy a decent meal each night. Most are not looking for a handout but rather a hand up in life.  This is where the church continues to excel in finding ways to connect both groups so there is growth on both ends.  This is where we are helping.

More will be shared on this theme and we certainly welcome your comments and thoughts on this subject.

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