The Striving for Meaning and Purpose

by SOR Mission on April 10, 2012

Jesus points out to us that those who would strive for greatness, and along with it meaning and purpose, should look for ways that they can serve others by helping them become all that God would have them become.  Jesus points out that the Kingdom is really compared with becoming a child again in our perspective towards life.  These two young girls from our church in Tegucigalpa reflect exactly what the Kingdom of God is about.

I don’t see young children like this trying to be first or trying to dominate the attention of all, rather they try to do what pleases their mother or sister.

So as the title of this article points out; what gives us this meaning and purpose we all strive to find on this journey of life we’re on?  I propose from the scripture portion in Mark 9:30-37 where Jesus comments on greatness explaining to his disciples that it’s in becoming a servant to others, in helping and serving them as God gives us opportunity, that real meaning and purpose are found.  In this serving the very needs we have that we need help with are met.  Its amazing how God makes our serving others a means for others to serve us.  To give is to receive.  How blessed it is to follow the Divine Model rather than  our broken ways.  All Praise to Jehovah God for his gift of meaning and purpose.


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