The team planted seeds of hope and righteousness on their recent trip.

by SOR Mission on May 6, 2013

The house that Faith built 

Church project near completion 001It was a team effort from the beginning as the group arrived after overnight flights from Seattle, WA to Tegucigalpa, HN.  From the time the team arrived they didn’t stop working unless they were being offered something delicious such as a sugar treat called “batido” which is stirred sugar cane juice cooked until it’s hard.  In Costa Rica this delicious treat is called, “sobado”.  It’s a very sweet treat that the ants that board with us in our apartment love but also a delicious treat the boys enjoyed while here.

Each morning after breakfast the guys got ready by packing 3 liters of water/person for the day plus the lunch made by our charming mission staff chef – Alexandra – for the day’s nourishment.  After a stop for purchasing supplies for the day we went out to the job site to begin the work day. This trip to the build site was grueling according to all team members with Bill receiving a gold star for the most improved attitude concerning this 2.5 mile trip in double low 4×4 in the truck.  It might be added that the air-conditioning didn’t always work and the team kept reminding me that the temperature gauge would often times register 90 to 93 degrees F. Oh well, I guess one just learns to modify their lifestyle in the Tropics.

We were joined at the site by the guys we were training as well as on the weekends when many from the church would show up.  Each day was begun with a short devotion and prayer. The team was able to establish great friendships with these guys.

The pictures on this site don’t give adequate saludos to each one of the team who dedicated themselves to the building of this Feeding Centre Construction Site through day 8 022addition as well as the church addition above.  The teams prayer during the week was that God would use this effort to glorify his name and that the church would fill the additional 80 seats with new believers.

This of course presented to us another opportunity of faith.  Those additional 80 people will need 80 chairs to sit on so now we’re praying for God’s blessing for the 80 seats to sit on.  They run somewhere between $12-$14/chair.    This will be a joy to follow to see the church at work to invite additional neighbors and friends to come with them to hear the good news of the Gospel. We also rejoice to see that the Feeding Centre will have additional space for teaching as well as a play area for the children.   We continue to pray for some of the children who came by to visit  for support such as Alexandra and Eric.  These two beautiful children need our help.

Loading Const team, hospital & site pics 012Bruce kept us in suspense each day wondering if we would complete the project in time before the team left for home.  To our surprise Bruce informed the team several days early that we would finish two days early so that team could have some rest and use the time for a “to-do list” around the missionary house.  We appreciated so much their final efforts to help us put a few things in order around the mission house.  It’s been readied for your teams visit!

You can visit our Picture page to see more recent pictures of the work that the team completed.  Simply click on Pictures!

We look forward to our next group arriving soon to work with Alexandra at the Intercity Hospital as well as the women and girls that she ministers to.

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