Volunteer Opportunities with SOR Mission

by Terry on July 11, 2015

Current Volunteer Opportunities with SOR Mission as of October 11, 2015

SOR Mission is currently planning to host teams to come and join SOR Mission for a short term mission experience  in Central America!  A team can comprise of just you coming down to experience missionary life in Costa Rica or it can include 3-4 couples or 6-8 singles that want to make a difference.  Work could be in Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Honduras depending on the type of mission work you and/or your team  would like to do.

This fall and winter, when the days get shorter and the temps drop in the Northern Hemisphere , it would be an excellent time to visit us to help us with the work God has called us to. Teams and/or singles can be used in the following areas:

  1.  Helping Alexandra with hospital ministry with children.  Dates are open for November through Michelle, Kimberly with 15 yo girl's babyMarch.  You can go through your local church or communicate directly with us at SOR Mission.    It would include bringing down baby clothes for newborns as well as clothes for children.  Your partnership would include visiting maternity and visiting young mothers with Alex as well as ministry at the local orphanage, giving your testimony to a women’s Biblestudy or teaching crafts to a group of women. You could also help the ministry by bring an extra suitcase filled with birthing blankets plus onesies and other  children’s items.  Every day would be a fresh challenge.  Your cost, including airfare(variable)  and a 5-7 day stay at the mission house would cost between approximately $1059 for your stay with us.  This includes everything from pick up to drop off at the local San Jose, CR airport only a mile from the mission house. It’s also possible for you and/or a couple to take an extra week to visit this amazing country.
  2. Working with Mateo on a project at a local church in Costa Rica.  The work would include some Fuentes de Vida Churchremodeling at the church with some sheetrock, electrical, laying cement block, some light taping and mudding of the wall plus finishing a concrete wall of the church.  Several guys could accompany their wives who would work with Alexandra while the guys would work with Mateo on the church.  It would be a two-man-one week project and costs would be the same as point #1.  In addition material costs would run about $500.  We are praying that this can be done sometime between early November to late December if possible but a later date would be possible.
  3. Work with Mateo in Honduras on construction in and around Tegucigalpa.  We presently have Cesar & Yefry November 12, 2014projects in the works and have need of men with construction experience.    The timetable for this team will be in January 2016.  The team is nearly filled but there remains room for one more person.  Costs will be about $1100 for a week stay plus the team raising some construction funds to use on the project they would work on.  This would be an exciting opportunity for this team. Work would include, but not limited to laying cement block, mixing mortar, laying tile, light carpentry, pouring cement floor, etc.
  4. Putting together a team to do a Fuller Center for housing build in Leon, Nicaragua.  This team Casa lower resolution pixelwould work with the Fuller Team from Leon, Nicaragua and I would be your team leader and would make the arrangements with Fuller Center.  Arrangements for a week’s build can be made once a team is formed.  The best time of year would be February or March with the coolest month February.  Costs would include airfare, stay at the build site on the Pacific coast and money set aside for the construction project.  This would be a Habitat for Humanity type build.  If  you have been with me on other earlier trips with Habitat you will love this build.  

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