What are the odds that nothing happens by chance? by Alexandra

by SOR Mission on June 22, 2012

“By chance” I visited Valeria at the hospital and she shared a very interesting story

In visiting the Intercity Hospital today we were confronted with a very interesting story and even more amazing results.  While Maria   Elena and I were reading the Bible to some mothers in one of the    Maternity Ward rooms, a lady by the name of Miriam came into the room because she had heard us sharing the Bible with the ladies in the adjoining room where she was with her 17 year old daughter Valeria.

She shared how Valeria had fallen from the third floor and being so close to her delivery date had felt that Valeria wasn’t going to survive this fall.  People at their home tried to resuscitate her but she didn’t respond.  She was so desperate; she shared with me that she couldn’t even locate an available ambulance by cell phone.  She said she began to pray asking God for a miracle to happen.  Miriam smiled when she told me that an ambulance “by chance” happened to pass by in front of the house within a  few minutes of praying.
Miriam said that she knew how grave her daughter was and also at high risk was her grandchild soon to be born. Before leaving for the hospital in the ambulance she asked those assembled at her home to pray for her daughter and unborn grandchild that God would do a miracle.  Miriam said that she was aware of how grave her daughter and unborn grandchild were. The ambulance brought them to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital Miriam said that the medical staff noted that the daughter was conscious and aware of her surroundings.  After checking the daughter in the Emergency Ward, the attending doctor said that the daughter appeared fine with only some minor cuts.  After a full examine the doctors were amazed to say that both mother and her unborn child appeared fine and that she should go into delivery. She gave normal birth to a strong and healthy baby daughter and named her Ester Abigail.  They were both so very happy.

When we got to her room we found Valeria and her baby waiting for us.  Valeria had a wide smile on her face and she said that she knew that God was Mighty and only He could have done a miracle like that.  While we shared some scripture from the Bible with Valeria and her non Christian roommate, who listened very intensely to our message and to Valeria’s testimony, another older lady entered the room and said that she was the great-grandmother of the newborn and when she saw us assembled, reading the Bible and praying, she said that “Wow, nothing happens by chance!”

The grandmother said, “God revealed to me this morning that you ladies were coming here to pray and be a blessing for my grandchild.  He also revealed to me that you would pray for my health as several days ago I fell waiting for the bus and a doctor’s visit revealed that I have high blood pressure and diabetes.”

Today she said to us, “Pray for me because through your prayers and obedience God is going to heal me!”  I am so happy to obey the call of God to do his will each day here in Tegucigalpa!  Nothing happens by chance!  Here in the above picture, Maria Elena and the great grandmother sit together and talk.

In closing, any help that you can give or share towards this ministry will be appreciated by Terry and I. Just do what God directs you to do!





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