What are treasures in heaven?

by Terry on February 5, 2020

Jesus warming the homeless at night in one of our cities

Have you ever wondered what the Bible is talking about when it tells us to not accumulate a ton of this world’s finest goods but rather waning us to be more concerned about sending it on up ahead?

It’s really not easy to deny oneself and live a life of modified self denial. Maybe you just don’t see why you need to dedicate your life to this principles of self discipline, giving to the poor that you know and also being that merciful person that your family needs you to be. In the end you’re the person who benefits. Luke 6:38 that says in part, give and it will be given back at the same amount that you gave. Wow, we can’t go wrong can we

Well let me share a few ideas that God has been bouncing around my head lately . I don’t want to you to think that God and I just hang out all the time, but in a sense we do as I quiet the din of my busy life and listen to his quiet voice that instructs me on living a simple, fulfilling, abundant life without the materialism of this world’s culture trying to make me a slave in thinking that my happiness is found in possessions from our physical world. The truth lies in sending your time and money to have God watch over it so that when the day comes that you check out from this life you’ll have something waiting for you in what we Christians call the Eternal Life

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