by SOR Mission on April 14, 2012

“Living my life before them as Jesus did” by Alexandra


Mateo and I have discussed over tea and during our prayer times recently what it means to have an “incarnational ministry” to the people we serve here in Honduras.  In looking at John1:14 it says, “The Word became a person and came to live with us”.  This is what Mateo and I are attempting to do here in Tegucigalpa. We want to be an example of the word of God, living alongside those we are ministering to.   I love the time of prayer in our church “Hands that Work”, where in our Wednesday night service we take between 20-30 minutes to pray and to express our gratitude and love to our Savior.  What I especially like about this time is that every person kneels, revealing their reverence and praise to the Father.

This past Wednesday during our prayer time I opened my eyes for a few minutes (yes I confess I did!)  and in so doing I felt compassion in seeing many of the sisters who I love so much, crying profoundly expressing to the Lord their insecurities, pain and needs but also at the same time the love that each one felt for Him.  I expressed in my own prayer,  thanks and praise to God for the special opportunity that he has given me to be here in Tegucigalpa to minister, disciple and serve these sisters in the church and community.

I am happy to be able to see them 4 days a week and this has opened doors allowing me to do the work that God has entrusted me to do in the lives of these ladies such as Ritzy, Ethelin, Jocelyn and others.  Some of their stories I have shared in the past. Tomorrow I am going to meet with Jocelyn, who just had a little boy, to give her some baby items such as baby blankets, pajamas, baby bottles and baby clothes.  She has none of these things as she is a very poor young single woman.  This is what I consider as living an “incarnational ministry” to these women.

After each service various ladies approach me so that I can pray for them.  Many express to me their insecurities and frustrations.  I am glad for this transparency that we have as it reveals to me exactly how I should pray for each one of them.  I pray for them and then I commit the rest to the Lord and his care!  Your support of our ministry has helped me to be a blessing to many of these women.

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