October 2014

So what is Click for St. Nick

October 31, 2014

Click for Saint Nick is making a difference Greetings  from Central America where our Tropical  Christmas celebrations have begun early!  I saw decorations out in the  stores in September.  Yes, once again Christmas is upon us. We at SOR Mission are also again preparing for our annual “Click for St. Nick” program of placing 80 […]

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Mangos and the Tropics

October 27, 2014

Mango Season in the Tropics and other thoughts as “summer is in the air”.  The end of the mango season has passed in Honduras and Costa Rica and because of supply and demand the price rises this time of year for a delicious mango.  Now they are selling for about $1.25/pound but they are still […]

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Get ready, get set and Go!

October 25, 2014

As a young man,  I remember hearing stories from missionaries that gave me an interest in knowing other cultures and people.  My appetite was increased and God planned a “course of study” for me so that one day I would go as a missionary.  How about you?  Its been said that, I heard a missionary […]

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Click for St. Nick

October 15, 2014

Seeds of Righteousness Mission (SOR Mission) has initiated its 2014 Campaign for Click for St. Nick with a goal of reaching  80 families with a Christmas basket including food and kitchen utensils for families struggling with no employment, medical expenses or families that are simply outside the scope of any available assistance. The campaign will […]

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October 11, 2014

Planting Seeds of Righteousness one seed at a time (10-11-14) Every Tuesday, Hilda, Hannah and I visit doña Rosa and her daughter Seneida to share with them a study of the Bible called, “Discovering God”. This extended family are immigrants from Nicaragua and have moved to Costa Rica to work and to search for a […]

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What makes my friend so special

October 8, 2014

Over the last couple of years of knowing Kevin, I have been so blessed to have met him and having the opportunity  to get to know his family, who they are, how they live and how they think. It has made me reconsider how I have thought about the poor and why they are so […]

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