December 2013

Adios or Hasta Luego

December 30, 2013

In Latin America you hear these two phrases spoken as a good bye after talking to someone for awhile.  For those of you not familiar with Spanish “Adios“ means good bye or literally “To God -I commend you” The other greeting that one hears commonly is “Hasta Luego“ or “until later” meaning you plan on […]

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The Poinsettia Plant is a Christmas Tradition

December 11, 2013

We send beautiful Poinsettia Greetings from the Tropics!  This beautiful Central American native plant flourished long before Christianity and Europeans  came to the Western Hemisphere.  One Indigenous group, the Aztecs, found it blooming in the tropical highlands of southern Mexico during the very short days of winter and named it “Cuetlaxochitl.”  The indigenous peoples of […]

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