Our steps are guided by the LORD

by SOR Mission on September 13, 2014

ArrivalIn returning recently to Costa Rica from Honduras I was amazed at a set of circumstances that God used to allow me to share a positive word  of encouragement and hope with a customs official at Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose  as well as how earlier he had protected my steps when I stepped out for him.

At the beginning I wasn’t aware of what God had in mind but once the events began to fall in place I saw the hand of God working in this situation.  We all face similar situations in our daily lives and those who are open to be lead by  God to encourage, inspire or just give a little “human love”, can be used in amazing ways.  In addition how God can perfectly time our movements so that he keeps us out of harms way.  Amazing!  Indeed God is alive and working for our good on a daily basis.  Go to our TODAY page to read the rest of the story.  Below I’ve placed the verse out of Psalms 37:23 in three languages that we use at SOR Mission:

The Bible in Salmos 37:23 says to us in these three languages – Portuguese, Spanish and English   that, 

Salmos 37:23 “O Senhor firma os passos de um homem,quando a conduta   deste o agrada”

Salmos 37:23 “El Señor dirige los pasos del hombrey lo pone en el camino que a él le agrada”

Psalm 37:23 “The Lord guides us in the way we should go and protects those who please him.” 

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