Cinco de Mayo Dinner sends Nehemiah Team to Honduras

by SOR Mission on May 14, 2011

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Dear Friend,

It gives me a great joy to write this letter to you letting you know that you will have an important part with your gift  in helping the children of Honduras through your giving to our Cinco de Mayo Project.  Our Nehemiah team will be leaving  soon  for Tegucigalpa, Honduras where they will be involved in helping children at risk with physical, emotional and Spiritual help.  The days will be spent teaching children in the ways of God.  At the same time, we will be rebuilding one of Manos Extendidas feeding centers that give children a hot meal on their way home to the ghetto where they live.   There is so much to do and knowing we can’t help everyone is so difficult to digest but knowing we can help some to a better future keeps us moving on!

The Nehemiah group from SOR Mission derives its name from the book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament where Nehemiah was called to rebuild the broken down walls of Jerusalem. His work through the leading and power of the Spirit of God enabled him to accomplish his task.  In the same way our Nehemiah groups are called to rebuild homes, hope and the lives of people in need.  Your support goes to help these very important tasks that SOR Mission has been involved in for many years.

I would like to encourage you to be an ongoing supporter of SOR Mission and its outreach to both Latin America and to Haiti.  The three poorest nations in our hemisphere are where SOR Mission is working today-Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua.  The need is so great and the lives affected and changed for Christ is a powerful testimony to the power of the Lord we serve.

The button to the left is for your use in donating to this worth project.  Click on to use your credit card or Pay Pal account and follow the instructions.  Your tax deductible receipt will be sent out.

I thank you again for your help with getting this team to the ghettos of Tegucigalpa and may your prayers maintain them while in country ministering to their needs.  You can reach me personally at my email at

Joyfully in Service to Others,

Terry “Mateo” Mattson




Nehemiah answered them saying, “The God of Heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding”. Nehemiah 2:20

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