Cinco de Mayo – What is it?

by SOR Mission on May 4, 2014

Cinco de Mayo Battle of PueblaOn May 5th 1862 the Mexican Army attacked the advancing French forces in a town called Puebla, Mexico and even though they were outnumbered and were taking on a well trained French Army of superior training they were still able to win the battle.  The year before, France, England and Spain had formed a Tripartite Force to require Mexico to repay the large debt owned to these European countries.

When it was discovered that Napoleon of France wanted not only to have their debt repaid, but rather to set up aCinco de Mayo beans puppet government in Mexico because at the time the US forces were waging a long and gruesome Civil War.  He thought that seeing the US attention was diverted to this war he could take advantage of the American distraction.

Interestingly enough the Mexican forces even though outnumber the French force was able to march on Mexico City where they set up the puppet government of Maximilian on April 10, 1864.  He was later executed by the true Mexican Government on June 19, 1867.

Cinco de Mayo GuacamoleSo why do we celebrate 5 de Mayo in the US more so than what its celebrated in Central America or Mexico where the events occurred.  It was promoted by various Chicano’s, including Cesar Chavez,  living in the US as a way to recognize the large and important  impact Mexican labour was having on the US market. It was a way of showing to North Americans that Mexico has played an important part in the formation of a great nation.

Today however Cinco de Mayo is another way to celebrate with some great Mexican food and beverages.  There are several pictures posted on this page as to menu ideas to serve or make for this day of celebration.  Refried beansCinco de Mayo Orchata with cheese quesadillas or below some delicious guacamole with avocado, green chilies and onion or lastly a delicious glass of orchata (agua de arroz) that will make anyone want to come back for more.

So what is the Christian perspective of this story?  At times in your life and mine we’re tempted to give up or choose an easier way to our goal because what we see up ahead seems so impossible even though we’ve been directed by the voice of God to march on straight ahead so to speak.  The circumstances appear larger than our abilities or the “reality” that we see around us.

When the Mexican force under a young general of just 33 years attacked, they were going against a superior force and odds that were not in their favour.  We too need to remember that greater is Jesus in us than the power of this world working in the hearts of the people not willing to open their lives and hearts to the miracle working power of Jesus Christ.

If you haven’t made that decision, you can do so today where this webpage finds you.  Our readership is wide and extensive with people from Lebanon to California and Argentina to Japan and all those in between.   Consider the claims of Christ today and find a Bible and begin reading in the book of John in the New Testament.  It will change your life.

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