Do Miracles Still Happen Today?

by SOR Mission on February 14, 2012

Alexandra asks, “Do Miracles still happen today?”

This is a question that I have asked myself many times and I believe that all of us have asked the same question from time to time. In my personal situation, miracles help me in that it strengthens my relationship with the Lord.  Didn’t the same happen to Jesus’ disciples?  They had to see a miracle in front of their own eyes so that through this means they could believe in their Teacher and Lord.  And when it’s you that actually is used of God to do  the miracle?

Last Sunday after the service at our church while I was greeting various women, Marianela came up to me and said thank you so much for what you did for me.  I was a little surprised and asked her what special things I had done for her to receive such gracious thanks.

Marianela then began to relate to me what had happened to her at the church beforehand.  She said, “Do you remember the last time that you and your husband were praying for various people in the church after the service and I had come up to you and asked you two if you would pray for me as well. I had recently been hospitalized for two months because of a very serious condition where I  was having very sharp pains in my abdomen.  Because of the seriousness of this condition I had been hospitized for almost two months but finally the doctors were unsure as to what to do for my pain and condition and so they sent me home without remedy.

When “Hermano Mateo” asked that if anyone was here who was sick and needed healing to pass forward for prayer I didn’t hesitate for a moment and came to you both asking if you would also pray for me as well because the following Tuesday they were going to do an ultrasound to find the exact cause of these horrible pains.  You guys prayed that I would be instantly healed and from that time the pain left completely.  That following Tuesday the Ultrasound revealed that I was completely normal in this area of my body and that I told the doctor that the pain had left after being prayed for at church.

Glory to God as obviously I am so happy that the Lord is using me to bless the lives of many women like Marianela.  All of the honor and glory  belong to our Lord who is manifesting himself in the lives of many here in Tegucigalpa Honduras.

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