Haiti School Project Update as of Jan 2011

by SOR Mission on January 9, 2011

The School we're building this year will resemble this school

What’s New in Haiti?

SOR Mission plans on beginning next month with the drilling of the well for the village of Morne Chaise, Haiti. Presently we are working on the finalization of the purchase of the land on which to build the school and drill the well. Once the property transaction is completed, we will begin the next phase of drilling the well. Once completed, the school will be started.

Change in School Construction

Due to good stewardship of your donations, we will be able to construct a 5 room school rather than the 4 room school we originally had planned for. This will mean that a greater blessing to these children plus will allow us to open a Evangelical Church sooner in this area than what we had planned on.

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