by SOR Mission on June 10, 2015

“Maria’s heart was broken for her daughter Katie” 6-10-15

Female blank imageRecently just after I had finished my visit to the maternity ward,  a lady near the stairway asked me if I knew where the exit was from the hospital.  I said to her, “Follow me!  I’ll show you!” While walking to the exit I noticed that she appeared very stricken with grief so I asked her why she had come to the hospital that day.

She mentioned that she was there visiting her 14 year old daughter who was having a baby While beginning to cry she shared with me that she hadn’t been the best mom around but also that she hadn’t been a bad mom either.  When I mentioned to her that I wanted to visit her daughter and present her with a small gift she lite up and was surprised that a missionary would want to visit her daughter yet unknown to me.

The next day I visited her daughter “Katie” in the hospital and saw her beautiful baby boy.  Also the baby’s very young father was there as well and so I was able to pray for the both of them in addition to the baby.  I presented to them a message of hope in knowing Christ as your personal savior.

When I offered to initiate a Biblestudy in their home, they all responded very positively and I will be soon visiting them where they live nearby.  I am very happy to see how God intervenes in the lives of ordinary people wanting to help them transform their lives of sadness and difficulty into joy and happiness.  As I am reminded in the Bible, “Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.” Psalms 30:5

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