by SOR Mission on April 17, 2013

Construction Team Arrives and Begins  Remodel (4-17-13)

First half of team arrives 4-12-13On April 12th, the first half of the construction team consisting of Bruce and  Dewey arrived in Tegucigalpa after what they said was an uneventful plane flight from Houston to Tegus. They will be joined by Bill and Chris this week.  In this picture the “boys” are joined by Pastor Marco as well as two of the Honduran team helping to put up this addition.

You will be able to follow the team activities on our Construction Page on this site.  You can also see posted pictures from the team at work and what they are accomplishing at the Pictures Page on this site as well.  In the meantime, pray for the team for their ministry of helps.  As we call it here, “Love with a hammer flavour”.

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