Alexandra explains why doing great things for others will bring opposition

by SOR Mission on May 26, 2012



Today when I visited the maternity ward at the Intercity Hospital it was not like any other day. I felt strong opposition working hard to discourage the team and I from visiting the hospital because of the lives that are being transformed by the Holy Spirit through the messages they have heard about Jesus.


Today our car’s tire exploded so my husband was not able to drive me to the hospital, guards at the gates were not allowing us to go inside, nurses were not helping us, mothers were very distracted, babies were crying and ambulances and the crowd from outside were as loud as they could get.  For a moment I just wanted to get away and not face all this opposition I was facing. I was feeling sad, devastated and discouraged…  I knew that something was wrong and that I needed to stop and listen to the still small voice of the Lord. I needed to get away to that quiet place where God could speak to me and reassure me of his plans for the day.  I looked at my two sisters who were with me and my spirit said that they were probably feeling the same way.  We needed two minutes of power prayers to the One who created the World.


We saw a vacant corner on the floor where we were ministering and decided to go there and pray.  As my two sisters and I  started praying  one of my favorite Bible verses  came to my mind.  “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength”. Philippians 4:13. From that point on everything seemed to change; my attitude as well as everyone else’s as well changed. I decided that no matter what, God is the owner and He’s  in control of everything.  Please keep praying for this ministry so that God will continue to lead us and encourage us in his paths so that discouragement and other negative feelings won’t get in the way in order that more lives will be transformed by His power.  It’s worth it!!.

Your missionary to Honduras,


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