Have you ever seen God?

by SOR Mission on June 28, 2012

This question has been asked many times throughout recorded history from the times of the early Mesopotamian to the Egyptians even to Job of the Second century BCE.  Haven’t all of us looking into the firmament and into Created Order that we see around us ever wonder, “Where is this God or as some say this “Prime Mover” who made all this.  Can I ever get to know him?  Will I ever be able to look upon him?  What does this mean for me?  What should I do about it all?

Abraham, who came  from the southern part  of present day Iraq  and  from within the secure walls of  Ur of the Chaldees,   left and traveled up to present day Syria living in tents and subjecting his family and servants to the risk of marauding warriors of other clans and tribes. Why?  Because he had heard the voice of the Creator God!  The same God whose handiwork I saw displayed today in Honduras.

I submit to you a poem that I wrote today during a time of contemplation and thought.  We had traveled outside of our “walled city”  for an afternoon’s trip to Santa Lucia where we found a wonderful place that served exotic teas from around the world.  After looking over the menu we selected a Persian tea with cardamon which turned out to be  delightful. The patio where we sat had a beautiful panoramic view of the trees, lush green foliage  and mountain ranges disappearing into the hazy distance.   Did I see God in all that?  Have you seen God in his creation?

While there I wrote a short poem titled, ” I saw God today”!

Before you dismiss me as this wild eyed mystic or even maybe something worse, I too agree with the Bible when it says that no man can see God and live. Has any one ever seen God face to face?  Moses came close as he was at the summit of the Mount of God -  Mt. Sinai.  However this poem I submit to you so that you can understand what I mean when I say, “I saw God today”!

I saw God Today by Mateo Mattson 6/28/2012.

The afternoon sun rays and breeze causing the banana leaves and Ocote Pines to move in dazzling coordination,

The cumulus clouds dancing and metamorphosing their form, passing by overhead as if…

Time had ceased to exist…and there…..

I entered eternity and saw my Lord.


In Joyful Service to the Honduran People,



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