In reality it’s more of a blessing to give than receive

by SOR Mission on September 12, 2013

“In every way I showed you that by working hard like this we can help those who are weak. We must remember what the Lord Jesus said, ‘We are more happy when we give than when we receive.”  Acts 20:35

Visiting Centre 1 with Team 3 008We at Seeds  work hard to live up to these words of the Apostle Paul who reminded us to remember those who have need and are vulnerable to life’s difficulties.  During these times we attempt to reach out to those with need in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras and through the help we put together are able to bless others with a basket of encouragement.  I’ve come away so blessed and feelings of contentment.  It truly is more blessed to give to others than living a life of expectation and entitlement.

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