Learn and Burn

by SOR Mission on October 24, 2013

Set yourself on firs with God's PassionThe learning process for new believers is for them to learn from those of us who are disciples of Jesus Christ.  What we have learned from others we need to pass on to reliable men and women who in turn will be able to do the same.  (2 Timothy 2:2)

We need to spend time together like a recent team did here in Honduras so that their passion for serving God was infused into those they worked with.  I want people around me to catch the passion that  I have.  One of my favorite teachers always taught us at seminary that the best model for growing the church, that is us the people,  is merely to “set yourself on fire” so that people would come from all around to watch you burn.  Wise thoughts for younger seminarians I think.  We also apply this truth in our mission work at Seeds.  Check out our latest post at the Building Page above.

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