Pupusas – the pride of Honduras

by SOR Mission on May 19, 2013

Making Pupusas Honduras StyleIf you have ever traveled to Honduras you might be asked to try some pupusas while you’re here.  If you come with a team to help our mission spread the good news you no doubt will sample this delicious dish.  So what is it about pupusas that make them so delicious?  You’ll have to come to Honduras to visit us and find out why they are one of our favourite dishes from this wonderful country.

There are sites on the web where you can learn to make them as well.  While you’re thinking of delicious dishes such as pupusas, you can look around our website and go to pictures to see postings of the day’s activities.  Enjoy your time browsing and we’ll see you soon on a fall team forming up now to do some construction and visiting at the Intercity Hospital.

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