by SOR Mission on September 6, 2011

Life is not easy for the children of Honduras

Seeds of Righteousness Mission Director  Terry Mateo Mattson commented recently on the seeds of compassion and kindness that the various Nehemiah Teams from the mission have sown in Honduras, Nicaragua and other Central American nations as well as the seeds of compassion that the mission is planting in Haiti through the building of a 5 room school to educate rural children from that impoverished nation.

We’re  reminded that, a mission such as SOR Mission,  with a passionate vision for helping others in need, can accomplish a lot with the donations that are given to them to use in helping these needy people.  This passionate help that Seeds Of Righteousness Mission has been giving does so much to demostrate the seeds of compassion that God wants us to sow worldwide to bring honor to his name.    Mateo states that, “Seeds of Righteousness Mission has been sowing seeds of compassion, kindness, justice and love through our projects in these nations that have suffered so much over the years through various injustices wrought on these nations through unjust political systems, climate and high unemployment.”    Due to the problems caused by high poverty and unemployment, many families send their children such as this this little girl to gather wood in order for the mother to be able to cook the meals for their family. As a result their educational achievement is limited due to their poverty.  There are areas of the capital City of Tegucigalpa where families choose what days they will be able to eat.  As the Micah the prophet from a similar period of time stated in his writings from chapter 6 verse 8, ”

The LORD God has told us what is right and what he demands: “See that justice is done, let mercy be your first concern, and humbly obey your God.”

“So little can go a long way” Mateo states as he was discussing recently with a group of interested supporters about the missions’ upcoming increased work in this impoverished nation of Honduras.  A seed of compassion, that you can plant through SOR Mission, can be worth $1,$10 or even a $100 dollars. God will take it and multiply it much like he does with a kernel of corn or wheat that is planted so that an abundant harvest is realized.   Your donation can be multiplied for so much good and furthermore God receives the glory for the work.  You can contact Mateo directly with your further questions  at mateo (at)

Together we can make a difference in the lives of a few children and adults.  The Bible states that some are called to plant, some water , some cultivate and some to bring in the harvest.  The Bible further states that some are called to give to help those who are bringing in the harvest.  Please, if you’re able, go to the donate now area of this page and make your tax deductible donation to help Mateo help those who have need such as this little boy of Honduras.

Your donation can be made through the PayPal button on this page or your check can be sent in directly to the mission at:

SOR Mission

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