The Coffee has been purchased for March 8th

by SOR Mission on February 28, 2013

Coffee Pickers in Honduras



Good Afternoon!  Seeing that delicious Honduran coffee has now been purchased for this upcoming exciting evening at the Lynden United Methodist Church, all you’ll need to do to enjoy this fun evening with Mateo & Alexandra  is to come out to spend some time together with us hearing stories of what’s happening in Honduras.  You’ll want to come with your questions as to what we’re doing and how God is opening doors for ministry to love people who are so hungry to know what true love really is all about.  Our God is just that way.

He reminds me over and over again from the Bible and also  in John 15:13 that,   “No one can have greater love than to give his life for his friends.”   We understand that God is love and whoever lives a life of God’s love lives in God.  We all want this depth of love but at times it seems so unattainable after we fail in our own power to live this level of love.  It frustrates us and then we draw away from the source and  the giver of this love.

By loving and giving away God’s love that he wants to pour out of us to others is so fulfilling and we come into such a deep relationship with Coffee Seedlingsothers when we live like this.  We become so contagious that others then want this love that in reality is only God’s love being poured out through us to others.

It’s kind of like this picture to the right showing young coffee plants being prepared for planting at the best time of the year.  In order to have the harvest as shown above in the picture, you need to plant and develop your plant stock so it will give you the harvest.  Our planting faith in our lives by loving like God calls us to is much like watering these plants and giving them a bit of fertilizer from time to time.  Once they grow they will bring you a harvest of delicious Honduran coffee.  It takes time and effort.  If you want love to dominate your life rather than fear, you need to do the same.  A little water here and some fertilizer there.  Patience and watch God provide you a harvest over time.  I’ve gone this route and if I can then you can do so also.  I am just an ordinary person much like anyone else.  Love is awesome!

We find that there is no fear in giving this kind of love away (I John 4:18f) because God’s love in us drives out the fear that wants to dominate our lives.  The ones who choose to live a live of fear is not full of God’s love.  His perfect love  can drive out those fears that want to dominate us.

Seeing that Jesus is perfecting his love in me with my work in Honduras,  the fear of living and working in a culture where the crime rate is very high and they say that the city in which we live has one of the highest homicide rates….well the perfect love of Jesus has driven out the fear and we live peacefully in this environment.  Please join us on the 8th to hear more about this.  We really hope you can make it.  Please RSVP via the comments below if you can make it.

Joyfully written by Mateo

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