The Heart of a Nation crys out through its graffiti

by SOR Mission on February 7, 2014

SJO-Tegus Nov-Dec 006I do enjoy seeing various types of graffiti painted on walls of buildings and offices as I drive around the cities of Tegucigalpa, Honduras  and San Jose, Costa Rica.  I believe there must be more liberty here for these artists to express the heartbeat of those who don’t have a voice in parliament or the congress. In North America many are jailed for the “defacing” of public property.    Their brushes cry out to be heard and in seeing and studying these drawings it makes it so apparent that due to corruption, poverty and deep injustice in Central America so many voice clamour to be heard through these drawings.  Our work is with those without a voice who cry out and are not heard.  Join with us with helping those we can through your prayers.  We attempt to live simply so these people can simply live and by us joining together we can be an active voice again injustice.

Amos 5:24 “But let justice roll on like a river,righteousness like a never-failing stream!”


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