A Tribute to Dad

by SOR Mission on June 14, 2013

“For even if you have ten thousand guardians in your Christian life, you have only one father…For I  have become your father by bringing the Good News to you.”  I Corinthians 4:15 GNT

On Sunday, June 16th, we will celebrate  109th Father’s Day in the US.  It is also celebrated on the same day in  Canada and Great Britain.  It’s a day to visit our fathers or to recollect some thoughts and memories about our fathers and the roles they played in our lives over the years.  For some, Father’s Day is not an overly joyousA Rustic Painting of Rural Honduras day as some haven’t had a good relationship with their father.   Several other friends have mentioned that they hardly recall much about their dads as they were gone so much from home they really never really got to know them.  Others like me lost their father while I was fairly young and thus never had a chance to establish a strong relationship with him as an adult.

Every one of us has had a father and because of him we’re here.  Some are excited that they have had an excellent relationship with their earthly father and I rejoice in this.  For some it’s been difficult to maintain a strong relationship with their dad.

However, no matter what our past has been like, I would like to share a few characteristics of what I see that my father had.  I see some of these characteristics also in my Heavenly Father who has loved me since I was formed in my mother’s womb. My loving Father hasn’t stopped loving and encouraging me to continue on doing what I’m doing in Honduras

My father made a few mistakes through the years but he was gentle in correcting mine. He would listen to me and encouraged me to talk to him about things unlike other family members who only wanted me to listen.  From him I learned the early steps to living a positive life and being a good example to others.  My father never put me down by calling me stupid or dumb even though I wasn’t able to figure out some of the things he tried to explain to me about crop cycles and our John Deere equipment.

He never had much concerning this world’s possessions but never once said to me that we were poor and underprivileged even though I had to chop wood to provide the wood for the stove we used to heat the entire house during those cold winters nights. Today, where I live, using wood to cook seems quite normal which has helped me to fit into my adopted culture.  He was a loyal dad who wanted me to be an engineer rather than a fun loving artist as a youth or a missionary as I matured.  He taught me to read the signs of the seasons and when to “feel” when it was the proper time to plant the crops.  He did so without too many lengthy conversations.  He never seemed to carry any bitterness from his past nor about not being able to finish university because of having to help support some of his family.   He did teach me that I should attend church but he never went himself.  After a difficult time as a youth and young adult, I finally came to know my wonderful loving and caring Heavenly Father.  My earthly father brought me a great distance but I had to walk across the starting line on my own to initiate this walk of faith that I have embarked on.

How was your youth with your father?  Was he there for you when you needed that support?  Did he teach you the things you needed to know?  Maybe you’re one who is now saying that he wasn’t there for you and you still feel the pain.

If you are feeling pain I gently ask you to talk to our Heavenly Father who wants to listen to you and to help you to forgive your earthly father for the pain he caused you.  Forgiving him will be so freeing and to not forgive him is like a cancer that only consumes us.

If he is still alive and you’re able to contact him, I would encourage you to do so. Give him a call this weekend to say hi and to restore the relationship that you both need.  We don’t know what tomorrow will bring so doing now is a great choice.

If you would care to send me an email you can find my address under the contact us page on this website.

Humbly Submitted,



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