The seeds of righteousness planted in Silvia changed her life completely

by SOR Mission on August 4, 2012

The Seeds of Righteousness of the Word of God is Contagious

Recently, while we were planting seeds of righteousness from the Word of God at the Hospital, a lady named Silvia, who worked at the hospital, came by the room after lunch and when she heard us sharing the righteousness of the Word of God, she came over to the girls and ladies in maternity and said, “This is the best gift you could ever receive because what they are telling you will help you to guide your babies in the correct path of life. Listen to these sisters carefully and seek Jesus because He is the only one who can show you eternal life.”

Silvia said, “Now that I know God and the way that’s correct, I am not able to remain silent.  The word of God is contagious and when I hear someone sharing it, it also gives me a desire to share as well with those who have a thirst to hear it.” Silvia said that she had been raped by a neighbor when she was 16 years old and because of this, when it became apparent that she was pregnant, she didn’t want the baby.  The only thing she desired was an abortion of the life that was living in her.

She said that after the baby had been born, on different occasions, she had desired to kill the young child  by putting poison into the baby formula but a voice kept telling  her –NO!  Rather than the  pursuit of righteousness she began to consume increasing amounts of drugs and alcohol.  Her life was full of sin—“missing the mark”.  Some neighbors, seeing the horrible situation that she was in, invited her son, now a young boy, to attend church and when he was 17 he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.  Silvia said, “my son kept insisting that I leave my life of sin and to seek God but I never wanted to follow his advice.”

While all of this was happening, Silvia came to know a guy she fell in love with and sometime later they were married. She said that after getting married she began to realize that he was a leader of a band of drug traffickers and shortly after getting married,  he began selling drugs out of the house.  Silvia related firsthand the chilling results of what happened later one night…! Silvia said, “one evening we left the house together in our car and when we turned the corner on to the main street, four men were waiting for my husband and walked towards our car and began firing at my husband.  I only saw the bullets passing in front of my face and suddenly I remembered the seeds of righteousness that that my son had planted in me when he had talked about Jesus Christ.”

“I then quietly opened the door of the car and I slid under the car while the guys were shooting at my husband.  After firing over 15 rounds into his body they had said that they needed to kill me as well because  I was a witness to their shooting and that I  could tell the police who they were.  In reality I was too afraid and the night was too dark to recognize anyone. “

Silvia added, “While under the car, I could see the shoes of the guys walking from one side of the car to another looking for me.  While looking for me, I prayed to God that the seeds of righteousness that I had heard from my son might allow me to find peace with God through Jesus Christ.  After being in prayer for some time, the guys began one by one to leave saying that it wasn’t wise to remain at the crime scene.”

Silvia ended her story by exhorting the mothers to seek God and to start attending a local church where the seeds of righteousness that she had heard might begin growing in them as well.  Her final comment was, “now I give thanks to God for my son and for the great gift that He gave me in knowing Jesus and accepting him as my personal Savior thanks to the seeds of righteousness that my son had planted in me.”

I really need your prayer and financial support to be able to continue doing what God has called me to do in Honduras.  Prayer moves the heart of God and his work will continue on as we pray!









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